Author: Danielle Bonney

I Thought She had Nothing to Teach Me?

She sat in a green velvet chair, white hair in a bun, quietly reading, and saying very little of any depth. She called me her duckling, which was sweet, but we never had a conversation. When she went to church,

How Can A Care Manager Help?

People sometimes ask me, “Could you just come over and help us make a plan for our future?” I love to hear this, because it means that they are thinking ahead about challenges and transitions that may come up as

Memory Loss Assistance

This is a helpful note written to a woman’s friend who is suffering with short term memory loss. Although she does not have Alzheimer’s type dementia, she does need memory loss assistance. Because I work in Senior Care with many

An Important Conversation

Last Thursday evening I gathered with members of my community at the Kennebunk Town Hall for an important conversation with Ellen Goodman, a former Globe columnist, Pulitzer Prize winner, and founder of The Conversation Project. She spoke to a packed

Ethical Wills

I never knew my Great Grandmother, Martine. She died before I was born. I know she was French Canadian and came to Goose Rocks Beach, Maine every summer to run her own hotel. She was a business woman and she

Place the Oxygen Mask on Yourself First-Care for the Caregiver

One of the most prevalent issues I see in my work is how someone’s memory loss and confusion affect the loved one who is caring for them. In some rare cases family members all pitch in to help and support