Keep your loved one from getting lonely with senior care in Kennebunk, ME

Keep your loved one from getting lonely with senior care in Kennebunk, ME

While caring for an elderly relative, you still have to make time for your other responsibilities, like work and other family members. You can trust that your loved one has companionship when you have senior care services from Serving Our Seniors in Kennebunk, ME.

We provide stimulating conversation, play games and go for walks or drives with our clients. Maybe your loved one needs help with organization. We can provide reminders and help with calendars, lists, letters and emails.

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Your loved one can keep doing the things they enjoy

One of the hardest parts of aging is not being able to continue doing the things you love. Our team hopes to combat this by providing companionship and transportation to our clients. We are happy to accompany clients to events and dining. Maybe your loved one enjoys exercise. We can assist with that as well.

Senior care is especially important for those with memory loss. Our companionship assistance allows them to practice their social skills and stay active. Your loved one may need reminders to do certain daily living tasks, like grooming, cooking, eating healthy food and drinking enough water. We'll help them engage in activities they enjoy and the tasks they need to stay healthy and happy.

Maybe your loved one lives with you, but you need to be away from home for a period. We can stay with them while you are away. Hire a senior care companion from Serving Our Seniors in Kennebunk, ME today.