Easy Ways to Stay Independent at Home as you Age

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Many challenges of aging and living alone can be easily remedied. Perhaps you are having some challenges with aging or you have a family member living at home alone and feel like they are starting to have small struggles? Many older people are perfectly capable of living independently well into their 80’s 90’s and beyond. However, as we age we are sometimes challenged by a decline in eyesight or mobility, frustrated by complicated technology (Me too!) and in some cases even a have bit of forgetfulness.

There are many practical gadgets on the market now that make life so much easier to deal with the irritating and often frustrating issues that limit our independence. Here are several ideas to assist in a continued smooth and efficient home life.

I work with lot of people who have varying degrees of macular degeneration, which means they can’t see well anymore. Dialing the phone, being able to see the remote control for the tv and reading, are activities that either cause considerable frustration or they simply cannot do any longer. Here are 4 items that have made a big difference for them.

JeKaVis JF11W Big Button Corded Phone for Elderly Amplified Phones for Hearing Impaired Seniors with Loud Handsfree Speakerphone. Not only does it have big, easy to see and press buttons, but it also works great for people who can’t hear well on the phone. Please click on the link below.


Flipper Big Button TV Remote for Elderly - Universal Simple to Read, Proprietary Favorite Channels, Supports IR TVs, Cable, Satellite & Soundbars. This is a simple on/off/volume up and  down and channel up and down remote. Please see the link below.


Extra Large Blue Button Talking Alarm Clock with Volume Control - Speaks the Time, Date and Day - Perfect for the Blind, Elderly or Visually Impaired - Includes Batteries and LIBERTY Micro Fiber Cloth. So easy! Please see the link below.


Echo Dot-w Alexa- Many of us have an Alexa and we know how easy it can make things: Alexa, what time is it? Alexa what are the headlines? Alexa what is the weather, Alexa read me my audio book, Alexa call my daughter, are just some of the things she can do for us. Once she is set up, we just have to remember her name. Please see the link below.


  1. Point Automatic Pill Dispenser – 28-Day Portable Medication Planner and Organizer – Dispense Vitamins and Tablets Up 6 Times Per Day – Includes Flashing Light, Alarm and Safety Lock

Another challenge I see as people age is medication management. Sometimes it is due to inability to see the small labels on prescription bottles, other times someone just takes several pills more than once a day and gets confused or forgets. It happens to a lot of us once in a while. Often, family members can fill pill cases, but that is only usually good for a week and can get mixed up later. With an electronic medication reminder machine, it can be filled for up to 28 days, has an alarm reminder that goes off, can lock, and it advances forward for each set of pills and dispenses them. They are easy to use and work great for several of my clients and are reasonably priced. Here is the link below.


Picking up the newspaper from the driveway in the morning can be painful with a bad back or arthritis, as can anything that gets dropped! Many light items can be picked up with a grabber. Easy to use, so handy and they are very light to carry.

Reacher Grabber Tool, 32" Foldable Grabber Reacher for Elderly, Lightweight Extra Long Handy Trash Claw Grabber, Reaching Assist Tool for Trash Pick Up, Nabber, Litter Picker, Arm Extension. Please see the link below.