Elderly home care in Kennebunk, ME can make all the difference

Growing older doesn't mean forfeiting your independence. If you or a loved one needs elderly home care in Kennebunk, ME, Serving Our Seniors can provide the services you need. Our caring staff can assist with daily tasks, provide transportation and make sure that you or your loved one stays happy and healthy. From meal preparation services to memory loss assistance, you can depend on us.

Speak with a home care provider now by calling 207-251-6549.

Get assistance with your daily needs

Get assistance with your daily needs

What do you need to stay comfortable at home? Our team provides:

  • Meal preparation services - including shopping, cooking and meal prepping assistance
  • Organization services - including cleaning out closets, helping with calendars and to-do lists, filing and writing correspondence
  • Light housekeeping services - including changing sheets, making beds, doing laundry, sweeping, vacuuming, washing floors, folding, ironing, watering plants and sorting mail
  • Daily task assistance services - including grooming, dressing, caring for pets, planning daily itineraries, shopping, driving to appointments and assisting with errands
  • Memory loss assistance services - including providing reminders to complete daily tasks, assisting with errands and taking you or a loved one on excursions

Plus, we'll provide medication reminders to make sure that you or your loved one stays healthy. Make an appointment with the team at Serving Our Seniors in Kennebunk, ME today.