“I would recommend Danielle Bonney without reservation¬† as a caregiver. My mother was in her 90’s for the years Danielle cared for her, and my mother came to think of her as a “sister” during her years of care. We also came to see Danielle as a member of our family. Because my home is in North Carolina and my mother was here in Maine, I needed a caregiver who would not only be compassionate and efficient, but also communicate with me regularly. Danielle kept me well informed about all of my mother’s activities and needs. Danielle was able to convey my mother’s needs as well as understand my worries.
I am extremely grateful to her for all her compassion, kindness and care for my mother and my family as well.”
-Barbara, NC
Danielle came on board as a companion for my parents at a time when my Dad (97) was experiencing his final illness in a nursing care facility and my Mom (93) was separated from him at their assisted living residence. Danielle visited with them both twice a week, in between my visits, until my Dad died and then she continued on as advocate and friend for my Mom for the next two years.Mom enjoyed Danielle who was always genuine, respectful, kind, cheerful and uplifting, perceptive and discerning, and thoughtfully creative. When Danielle took Mom out she focused on things Mom enjoyed like feeding ducks by the river, going to a pet store, parking by a field to watch the horses, or watching surfers at the beach often with some take out food on board. She did things which Mom enjoyed that wouldn’t have occurred to me like watching winter surfers from the car while eating fried chicken…in January! If Mom didn’t want to go out they would just visit, have coffee, and maybe participate in an activity at her residence. On occasion, they would both come to my home (a 45 minute drive) for lunch which was pleasant for all.
Danielle was observant of Mom’s needs and advocated on her behalf. She communicated frequently with me by email and phone. It was comforting and reassuring for me to know that Danielle was there for my Mom. She’s the best!
-Carolyn, ME
“If you are looking for someone in the social work field, I cannot think of anyone I can recommend more highly than Danielle. She has been a lifesaver for my family. She is highly intelligent, unquestionably experienced, extremely professional, and most importantly, deeply kind and caring.”
-Paul, MA
“Danielle was hired, along with several other helpers, to take care of Mom in the evenings. My mother loved Danielle and always looked forward to her coming. Mom called Danielle ‘her favorite.’ My brothers, sister, and I were unable to be Mom’s caretaker, and it was such peace of mind to have someone like Danielle watching over her. I never worried a minute if Danielle was there. I hope that when I reach that age, I will have someone like Danielle to take care of me with such tender loving care!”